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Benefits of a Ticketing System



The most obvious benefit that a ticketing system offers is its ability to organize and catalog a high volume of support cases for an entire customer service department. Reps can easily manage multiple cases at once because each ticket is labeled and can be prioritized by its urgency.



Ticketing systems eliminate this problem by moving all communication to one individual thread. No matter which medium the customer uses to reach out, the interaction is always logged to the same place. Even if the customer ends up working with a different rep, that communication can be transferred over to the original ticket.



The tickets are all stored into one software that can be searched and referenced for future cases. Not only does that help with customer service analytics, but reps can also use it to look up past cases that may have a solution related to their present problem.



With communication being limited to one shared location, ticketing systems make it easy for both the customer and customer service rep to communicate with one another. Customers can quickly access a ticket via their email inbox and send questions directly to the rep who is handling their case.

Feature-rich helpdesk ticketing tool


Convert emails to tickets

Automatically convert all emails from your customers to tickets and respond to them faster.


Intuitive Reporting

Use CRM Dunes built-in reports to track team performance, customer satisfaction and identify your biggest bottlenecks.


Social Helpdesk

Connect with your customers from anywhere and get responses to them right from your helpdesk.


Smart Automations

The tickets are automatically assigned and the whole process with goodbye repetitive chores also.


Seamless Integrations

Integrate everything your support team needs into your helpdesk – from payment management to translations.


Knowledge base

Your customers need not wait every time they need a query answered. Help your customers by helping themselves.