CRM Reporting

View all type of report like sales, projects, tasks, etc. to interactions and communicate with customers...

Sales Report

The sales report allows you to see all open opportunities in the sales pipeline and also potential sales opportunities. Using this CRM report, you can set goals for your sales team and also forecast future revenue. You can get a detailed view of potential sales grouped by user, sales territory, customer territory, date, products, rating, or sales stage.

Activity Report

The activity report gives a quick view of all the activities associated with sales opportunities. You can track phone calls, tasks, appointments, actions, and closed opportunities for all of your sales employees. By looking into the details of each activity, identify patterns and make improvements in turning opportunities into leads and leads into closed deals.

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Performance Report

The performance report provides a detailed view of all the dates, targets, responses, and financial returns from each performance and enables you to track the progress and status of each. Using this CRM report, you can see which performs best, then find out what’s working and what’s not.
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Sales Management System

Sales pipeline management focuses on one key element—the sales process.

Case Summary Table Report

The case summary table report lets you track all of your service cases and understand why your customers are contacting support. The open issues report gives a list of all the internal and external problems including customer complaints and server shutdowns. You can then alter your processes to improve your product or service and lower support calls. The report allows you to group issues by owner, customer, status, reason, product, priority, satisfaction, service level, or severity.