Lead Management System

To Let your business grow, you have to convert leads to loyal customers.....

The Lead Management Process


Lead capturing

During the generation of leaders, contacted ideal buyers through various online sources such as email, social media, and a lot more. It manually adds these leads, especially when the volume is high.


Lead qualification

Leads based on the model of demographic information and engagement which assign scores to leads based on their job title, country, product, and engagement through email so that sales team will be able to differentiate qualified and unqualified leads quickly.


Lead enrichment & tracking

Once a lead gets to register, the lead’s profile automatically shows the available information such as their job title, and company name. Now you don’t have to spend time on research and manual data entry.


Lead nurturing

With our lead management system, you can miss the research or awareness phase and focus on figuring out services which would solve your pain points. By distributing leads to the right territories it will increase sale as your team get prioritize leads.

Why you need a lead management system


No single source of information

Sales ratio are constantly juggling between multiple tools to access lead information.


No initial lead qualification

When you don’t have a methodology plans for qualify and unqualify leads.


No insight into lead’s activities

Not able to track the prospect’s activities of your product or losing potential buyers.


Lack of visibility

Sales don’t have visibility into the lead’s buying journey to provide the right collaterals and documents.


Missed follow-ups

Forget to make a follow-up call or email, making the prospect feel neglected and move to a competitor.


Lack of lead nurturing

When sales teams are focusing on extensive follow-up and good relationship building are ignored.

Why CRM Dunes


Organize your leads

Get a 360° view of their details, including phone/email/chat conversations they had with your company.


Automation activities

Create workflows to automate sales processes, and set up sales campaigns to nurture warm and cold leads.


Surface the hot prospects

Rank leads by their characteristics and engagement with your company. Identify and talk to sales-ready leads.


Manage leads

Access your lead database from your mobile. Send emails, make calls, schedule meetings, and more.

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