CRM, or customer relationship management, is the term used to describe enterprise software that’s designed to help businesses manage customer data and interactions, store influential customer data for sales and marketing, automate sales and marketing processes, cultivate a more efficient and effective customer-business relationship and experience, and much more.

Specifically, CRM software allows businesses to have a centralized database of information that can be accessed across departments, and also provides helping automation tools to make employees’ lives easier and more productive.

CRMDUNES, like our WorkWise ERP offering, is highly customizable. In fact, our software comes with a plethora of applications and features, such as sales and marketing automation, customer service, and contact center functionality. These features come included with your purchase of CRMDUNES, and can be customized based on the ever-changing needs of your business.

Our CRM software is extremely flexible in terms of the number of users that it can support. Over the course , we’ve handled many CRM users. At CRMDUNES, we understand that your business goes through changes and growth over time. That’s why we make it as easy as possible for you to add or change the number of end users in your CRM software package. Simply speak to your sales representative about any changes that need to be made, and we’ll make those accommodations.

Yes, CRMDUNES is provided to customers in two ways: on-premise or cloud-based (hosted). If your needs change and you end up needing to switch from on-premise to cloud or vice-versa, it’s not a problem. We’re more than willing to accommodate your business and provide the solution in an environment that makes the most sense for your business’s unique needs.

Yes CRMDUNES Integrate with accounting softwarwes . CRM users can access customer financial information, from payment status, current balance, purchase history, and more, all without ever having to leave the application. In addition, users can promote orders created in CRMDUNES to create estimates, orders, or invoices in Quickbooks . The seamless integration between our CRM and QuickBooks saves you valuable time and energy.

Our CRM implementation experts are skilled and well-trained in their positions, each having an in-depth understanding of software implementations and the CRMDUNES product. To begin the process, there’ll be an overview of the software. From there, administrator training will take place to ensure that those at the top are extremely knowledgeable of their new software platform. Once the initial training is completed, our software experts will begin to customize the database to fit your business’s unique needs and IT requirements. We’ll also assist with data imports and any additional data that needs to be added before testing of the product and the end-user rollout.

If your business needs a small-scale or simple implementation (for 3 or fewer users), or an advanced implementation for a large-scale or complex process, our services team can accommodate. In fact, we’ve designed implementation processes for businesses with all sorts of unique requirements and specifications.