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Customer Management

CRM Dunes helps you save time, meets your business needs, and gives you more value for money.

CRM Dunes helps you to be more productive.


Work Modes

Tickets are automatically sorted into queues based on time due, priority, and CRM status. This means your reps no longer need to waste time searching for tickets that need their attention first.


CRM Dunes Integration

When a customer writes to your company, reps can see their history of interactions with the Sales team right beside the current ticket with the two-way CRM Dunes integration.


Auto Suggest

Articles are pulled from the Knowledge base automatically, based on the keywords in the ticket. Agents can simply paste the link or the entire article and hit Send. It’s that simple.



Your agents can now collaborate and work with multiple people and teams on tickets without leaving CRM Dunes via the Team Chat and Team Feed.

Meets your business requirements with our software so that you can make the most of from it.

Why CRM Dunes


Organize your leads

Get a 360° view of their details, including phone/email/chat conversations they had with your company.


Automation activities

Create workflows to automate sales processes, and set up sales campaigns to nurture warm and cold leads.


Surface the hot prospects

Rank leads by their characteristics and engagement with your company. Identify and talk to sales-ready leads.


Manage leads

Access your lead database from your mobile. Send emails, make calls, schedule meetings, and more.

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